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At Reflective Media we boast a no-nonsense approach to every job we handle, whether it is a full branding assignment or a simple graphic design job. Introducing our unique design methodology called CLEAN BRAND. 


CLEAN BRAND represents the simplicity of our studio workflow. We took this whimsical approach to illustrate our studio sensibility, and to demonstrate how a brand is adapted across different mediums and components. 


In keeping with our CLEAN BRAND purpose – we have built a studio process to make it easier for our clients to navigate the design workflow. Big or small, every job we take on we always make sure our clients have full visibility on their job’s progression and clarity on the final design objective. We provide our clients with two main tools in our workflow that invites their participation:

Design Brief and Timeline. 

Design Briefs


Select one of the design briefs below that fits your project and fill in the details about your upcoming job. Each of the briefs have standardized questions to help you define the scope of your job and capture all the specs. Our aim is to reduce the amount of emails to our clients and keep the intake process organized.

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