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At Reflective Media we boast a no-nonsense approach to every job we handle, whether it is a full branding assignment or a simple graphic design job. Our studio flow is seamless ensuring a creative process that is productive and smooth from start to finish.

The first step is helping our clients define their project scope with one of our DESIGN BRIEFS. Each one of our briefs cover key questions to kickstart a dialogue about the project.

Once we receive your brief you will be provided direct access to our virtual calendar, giving you the flexibility to book a discussion about your project in greater depth. 

With your project criteria established you will receive a proposal with a corresponding timeline for your review.

As soon as we receive the word GO, the design team is set to start working.​ From this point clients can rely on the timeline as a touchpoint 
of fulfillment.

Design Briefs


Select one of the design briefs below that fits your project and fill in the details about your upcoming job. Each of the briefs have standardized questions to help you define the scope of your job and capture all the specs. Our aim is to reduce the amount of emails to our clients and keep the intake process organized.

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